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VTP® – Flight Maneuvers – Maneuvers

VTP® – Flight Maneuvers – Maneuvers

by Stenbock Communications

This video download contains the Maneuvers segment from the
Virtual Test Prep® Flight Maneuvers DVD/Blu-ray disc set.

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This video download contains the Maneuvers segment from the complete Virtual Test Prep® Flight Maneuvers DVD and Blu-ray discs. This segment has a running time of 58 minutes, 50 seconds, and covers these topics:

  • Maneuvers
    • Steep Turns
    • Chandelles
    • Lazy Eights
    • Rectangular Course
    • Turns Around a Point
    • S-Turns
    • Eights-On Pylons
    • Slow Flight

Flight Maneuvers Virtual Test Prep™ - Maneuvers is supported with high-defininition air-to-air video, 3D and animated graphics, special effects, experienced flight instructors and pilots with real-world tips from the tarmac, airport and cockpit for focused and exciting learning.

Each lesson defines the task, operation or maneuver with an objective; each is demonstrated airborne or on the surface, as applicable, with step-by-step analysis. The course follows the FAA recommended techniques and summarizes the FAA completion standards for each maneuver.

For the complete DVD/Blu-ray disc set, visit Virtual Test Prep™ Flight Maneuvers.

Part Number ASAVDFLT04

AuthorStenbock Communications
FormatiTunes/Quicktime format
File Size290 MB mpeg-4 file
Runtime58 minutes 50 seconds


Introduction to Virtual Test Prep™ Flight Maneuvers

Inflight footage, high-definition air-to-air video, 3D and animated graphics and experienced flight instructors help you prepare for your private, sport, commercial, and CFI Checkrides.