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VTP® – Airframe Icing Update Video

VTP® – Airframe Icing Update Video

This FREE Airframe Icing video download is an update to the Virtual Test Prep® Private and Instrument Video Ground Schools.

Also includes a review of the "line up and wait" ATC phraseology change.

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Airframe Icing
This updated discussion on icing contains critical information for all pilots based on recent NTSB recommendations. FAA Advisory Circular AC 91-51A provides core subject knowledge throughout the discussion covering the following topics:

  • Conditions conducive to icing
  • Temperature ranges for ice formation
  • Type of icing encountered
  • Terminology used
  • Effect on aircraft performance
  • Effect on the propulsion system
  • Recognizing icing
  • Available de-icing options
  • Intensity, accumulation, & proper pilot action
  • Autopilot use
  • Appropriate response to roll conditions
  • Flight into known icing conditions

"Line Up and Wait"
On September 30, 2010 an ATC phraseology change went into effect to provide consistency with the international aviation community. This segment is a detailed discussion on "line up and wait."

Total running time = 29 minutes.

Watch just about anywhere! iTunes/QuickTime format, 640x480 resolution, near-DVD quality. Compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other mp4 players.

A high-speed internet connection is highly recommended for successful downloading of these video segments. The 301MB mpeg-4 file will download in under an hour with a broadband connection. Once downloaded, the file is yours to keep and view as many times as you like.

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Part Number ASAVDICE

AuthorStenbock Communications
File Size301 MB mpeg-4 file
Runtime29 minutes