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The Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual - 3rd Edition (eBook EB)

Third Edition    by Greg Brown and Mark Holt

Everything a pilot is expected to know when transitioning to turbine-powered aircraft.

Fourth Edition coming in January
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Hiring airlines recommended reading this book prior to your airline interview!

Whether you’re preparing for turbine ground school, priming for a corporate or airline interview—or even if you’re upgrading into your first personal jet or turboprop—The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual is designed for you. With precision and a sense of humor, authors Greg Brown and Mark Holt cover all the basics for turbine pilot operations, clearly explaining the differences between turbine aircraft and their piston engine counterparts.

This manual clarifies the complex topics of turbine aircraft engines and all major power and airframe systems, subjects that are pertinent to flying bigger, faster, and more advanced aircraft. It includes discussions on high-speed aerodynamics, wake turbulence, coordinating multi-pilot crews, and navigating in high-altitude weather. You’ll be introduced to state-of-the-art cockpit instrumentation including flight management systems (FMS), global navigation (GPS), and headup guidance systems (HGS or HUD). You’ll also learn the operating principles of hazard avoidance systems including weather radar, ground proximity warning systems (GPWS) and predictive wind shear systems (PWS).

This Third Edition of The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual details the concepts and operational principles of the latest-generation cockpit instrumentation, navigation (RNAV/RNP), and communication procedures and equipment (datalink and ADS-B) that are only just now becoming operationally available. Also, learn about the latest engine performance management techniques (such as reduced vs. derated thrust). Included are a glossary of airline and corporate aviation terminology, handy turbine pilot rules-of-thumb, and an updated turbine aircraft “Spotter’s Guide.” The authors clarify these complex topics with a wealth of illustrations many now in full color! Additional information is available online where readers can access narrated color animations that make these systems easier than ever to understand.

ISBN 9781619540293

AuthorsGreg Brown and Mark Holt
EditionThird Edition
Page Count274 pages (print edition)
IllustrationsFull-color and black-and-white illustrations throughout
IncludesGlossary, index, aircraft "spotter's guide"
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"I went up for an interview with a regional airline last week. Prior to the interview I was provided by the airline an overview of what they would cover and a list of books to study. Out of all of the books I purchased, The Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual was the most useful! It explained the concepts I needed to understand - jet engines, commercial aircraft systems (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, anti icing, de icing, etc, etc) very clearly for a GA Pilot with no previous jet experience. I found myself referring to the Flight Manual more often than any of the other books they recommended as I prepared for the interview.”
      —Anissa Mohler

"I want you to know how indispensable and valuable your Turbine Pilots Flight Manual has been to this transitioning prop pilot. It's funny; I've read the Lear Training Manual and the pertinent sections of the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook. They're helpful, but with your book, I feel it's all coming together! You can be sure I will recommend the Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual to others who may want to learn about flying jet engine aircraft. ”
      —Gabe Wisdom

"The folks in my class were talking about how they first learned about turbines...from your book! [The Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual] I showed them my log book and the first entry was none other than you! They were all a little jealous and said to say hi and thanks for the awesome book. Sure is a long way from a C-172, but I wouldn't trade this ride for anything!”
      —Maj. Adam Travis

"This text should not only improve the hiring opportunity for pilots, but also add hours of sleep to nights between ground school classes… Where was this manual when I needed it?”
      —Dan Russell, captain for a commercial airline

“An extraordinarily well-written book with a vast amount of information to enhance the knowledge of any turbine pilot.”
      —Bill J. Niederer, B-737 pilot

“The most comprehensive and complete information available to any aspiring commercial pilot. A basic knowledge of systems and terminology is invaluable, not only for initial training but also for your presentation during the interview process. A must read!”
      —Dick Ionata, retired senior captain for a major airline

"I've flown for 30 years, always in pistons. Recently I went to Flight Safety for a week of training on the Cessna Caravan. My background is in electrical engineering, not engines, so I knew I desperately needed some understanding of turboprop engines before I arrived. Not only did I learn the details of the engines, I learned about how some things on the electrical side are done differently than I had thought.

"Getting Greg's book was a good choice and I recommend it to anyone stepping up to turbine and jet aircraft for the first time. While manipulating the controls of these aircraft will be familiar to anyone who's flown a small plane, the systems, particularly the engines, are significantly different. The beauty of reading his book is that I actually understood the sentence describing the engine in the Caravan's POH: 'Free turbine, two-shaft engine utilizing a compressor section having three axial stages and one centrifugal stage, an annular reverse-flow combustion chamber, a one-stage compressor turbine, a one-stage power turbine, and a single exhaust.' "
      —Max Trescott, 2008 National CFI of the Year

"...read your book Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual and love the contents and ILLUSTRATIONS in the text. Like they say, 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' "
      —Student Naval Aviator

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