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The Pilot's Manual: Access to Flight Syllabus & Instructor Guide (eBook PD)

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The Pilot's Manual: Access to Flight Syllabus & Instructor Guide (eBook PD)

Integrated Private and Instrument Syllabus based on The Pilot's Manual: Access to Flight textbook. Includes Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program Guide.

eBook PD
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The most innovative flight training approach of its kind, this syllabus maps out a combined flight and ground training course for the Private Pilot certificate and Instrument Rating, based on The Pilot's Manual Series: Access to Flight textbook. Students graduate prepared to operate in the full spectrum of the airspace system — the key to maximizing the utility of their pilot certificate and aircraft. This Instructor Edition includes everything in the Student Syllabus, with the addition of "Notes to the Instructor" provided in the margin of every lesson with teaching tips and guidance for the CFI facilitating the lesson.

This syllabus meets all FAA Part 141 and 61 requirements and incorporates FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS) including scenario-based training and learner-centered grading.

The syllabus enables schools, instructors, or students to choose to supplement the program with other textbooks, videos, and other various course materials. It allows the freedom to teach or learn the material in the most effective way — on an individual basis. All Part 141 requirements have been met in a logical and user-friendly method, yet the course is equally effective for Part 61 operations and freelance instructors.

The Private Pilot and Instrument Rating requirements are merged into a single curriculum. This integrated approach provides the most efficient path to completion, is easier to follow than separate ground and flight training programs, and results in a pilot who is prepared to make decisions, operate as pilot-in-command, and take full advantage of their personal transportation solution.

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Access to Flight

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