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Textbook Updates


This page contains updates to textbooks published by ASA. The most recent updates are shown first.

Textbook Author Update
Aviation Weather Services
FAA Nov 2019
Instrument Flying Handbook
FAA Nov 2019
The Complete Advanced Pilot
Bob Gardner Sep 2019
Aeronautical Chart User's Guide
FAA Aug 2019
Oral Exam Guide: Helicopter Pilot
Ryan Dale May 2018
Principles of Helicopter Flight
Walter Wagtendonk May 2018
Practical Electricity for Aviation
Maintenance Technicians

Dale Crane May 2018
Helicopter Flying Handbook
FAA Mar 2018
The Complete Private Pilot
Bob Gardner Mar 2018
Air Carrier Operations
ASA May 2016
Aircraft Inspection, Repair & Alterations
FAA Oct 2015
Pilot's Manual: Multi-Engine Flying
ASA Sep 2015
IFR for VFR Pilots
Richard Taylor June 2014
Aviation Instructor's Handbook
FAA Mar 2014
Glider Flying Handbook
FAA May 2015
Advanced Avionics Handbook
FAA May 2013

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