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Ted Spitzmiller's unique qualifications include an extensive background in flight and ground instruction, as well as simulator instruction, an in-depth knowledge of Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), and glass cockpit technology. Ted holds a B.S. in information systems, and an M.S. in computing information systems. A commercially certificated pilot with CFII privileges, he has over 4,500 hours total time in single- and multi-engine land, and single-engine sea aircraft, and he has provided over 3,000 hours of dual instruction for private, commercial, instrument, multi-engine, CFI, and CFII ratings in Part 61 and Part 141 schools.

Ted has achieved Gold Seal instructor status, and has been a flight instructor for more than 40 years, logging time in 80 different aircraft types including aerobatic and tailwheel aircraft. He has worked as an FAA-designated accident prevention counselor and has been a FAAST Team representative since 2008.

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