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  • Student Flight Records: Helicopter
  • Student Flight Records: Helicopter
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Student Flight Records: Helicopter

Flight Record Folders Make the CFI’s Job Easier!
Easily record accomplishments for each lesson, student performance, flight hours, and much more.

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New four-panel construction follows FITS format—only $2.95 each!

ASA’s new Helicopter Flight Record Folder helps certified flight instructors organize and document student progress towards a Helicopter license, effective for Private, Instrument, and Commercial Helicopter curriculums. A folder for each student serves as a permanent training record and satisfies both Part 61 and 141 requirements—including ground lessons, written exams, flight maneuvers, and flight checks. They make it easy to record accomplishments for each lesson, student performance, flight hours, instructor notes and endorsements, aircraft used, stage checks, and ground school completion dates and more. These folders represent a terrific bargain for CFIs at less than half the cost of competitive products.

What’s new?

  • New 4-panel format covers all Areas of Operation, Tasks, and Areas of Emphasis in the Practical Test Standards, as well as a blank line in each Area to give the instructor space to write-in additional tasks performed.
  • Updated evaluation tools follow FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS) format, providing for student-centered grading.

Sturdy and durable, ASA Flight Record Folders provide CFIs convenience and peace of mind that their training obligations have been met.

Part Number ASASFRH3

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FAA FITS Accepted