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Square Aviation Plotter

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Square Aviation Plotter

Simplify your flight planning with this handy, easy-to-use plotter.

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Constructed of durable resin, this plotter won't melt, warp or break in extreme temperatures. Its convenient 5-1/8" square size and ease of use make this plotter a pilot favorite for simple, accurate flight planning. Uses a 1:500,000 scale and includes 5 NM and 10 NM radius rings for quick and easy measurement. The 2 NM grid makes alignment with parallels simple. Plus, it's guaranteed for life! Made in Korea.

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Part Number ASACPP5

Dimensions5.125 x 5.125
Weight0.05 lbs

"I had a customer that came from Ireland last year to get a commercial rating add on to his license. He had a very similar square plotter. By the time we were finished with the rating, I just had to have one of these. It was the most versatile plotter I have ever used, and small enough not to be cumbersome in the cockpit. Works on both VFR and IFR charts. Couldn't find one until now. I plan on buying a number of them and passing them out to students and friends."
—John Howe