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Robert N. Buck (1914 - 2007), was a senior jet captain of TWA and flew the Atlantic more than 2,000 times. In 1930 at the age of 16, he flew solo across the United States, breaking the junior transcontinental speed record. During World War II he was engaged in weather research for the U.S. Air Corps, flying a B-17 and a Black Widow, P-61; for this, as a civilian, he was awarded the Air Medal by President Harry Truman. He began his airline career flying the Douglas DC-2 and ended with the Boeing 747. He served as TWA’s chief pilot, was director of thunderstorm research, and in 1966, he participated as pilot on an around-the-world speed record in a Boeing 707, circling the globe vertically, over both poles.

Buck was an air safety consultant to the FAA and various airlines and worked with the International Civil Aviation Organization to develop a new plan of world airspace. In addition to having received many other awards, a month before his passing, Bob was presented with the FAA's highest award of Master Airman for all his contributions to aviation as pilot and safety advocate. Throughout his career he worked on atmospheric research and aviation safety, and was a valued consultant to the aviation community in many aspects of aviation. He was the author of three aviation books, including the classic bestseller Weather Flying. In 2001 at a young age 88, he produced his eloquent memoir: North Star Over My Shoulder.

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