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Practical Safety Management Systems

by Gary M. Ullrich and Paul R. Snyder

A Practical Guide to Transform Your Safety Program into a Functioning Safety Management System

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Safety Management Systems (SMS) are required for most domestic and international air operations, through either regulatory (14 CFR Part 5, 119, 121) or voluntary compliance. SMS has affected all areas of the aviation industry worldwide, including flight departments, independent contractors who provide services to the aviation industry, maintenance, air traffic services, airports, and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Many organizations are intimidated by the scope and complexity of SMS. This book puts SMS concepts and principles into a practical working format, providing guidance and resources for universities and training organizations to create, implement, and maintain a functioning SMS, tailoring it their company or university.

SMS is a systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structure, accountabilities, policies and processes of each organization, which must be tailored to meet the size and scope of each organization. It must be adapted and continuously improve to meet the organizational mission while reducing risk to the lowest possible level. Beyond mere theoretical discussion, in Practical Application of Safety Management Systems readers are encouraged to use hands-on exercises to practically apply SMS concepts and principles.

Beginning with an overview and history of SMS, this book provides an up-to-date practical guide to transform your safety program into a functioning safety management system. Chapters conclude with review questions, and extensive case studies and references are provided throughout.


Part Number ASASMS
ISBN 9781619544246

AuthorsGary M. Ullrich and Paul R. Snyder
Dimensions8.5” x 11”
Page Count216 pages
IllustrationsFull Color
Weight1.0 lbs

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