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Practical Guide to the Private Pilot Checkride (eBook PD)

  • Practical Guide to the Private Checkride (eBook PDF)
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Practical Guide to the Private Pilot Checkride (eBook PD)

by Gregg Brightwell

Clarifies in “plain language” exactly what private pilot applicants must know and demonstrate during the oral portion of the FAA Practical Exam, eliminating any surprise about examiner expectations.

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Earning a private pilot certificate is challenging and involves an immense amount of training, studying, preparation, and dedication, following the appropriate FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS). So when preparing for your practical test, where do you start? How do you organize and prioritize all your ground school information?

Designed as a study guide, this book answers these questions and more. It clarifies in “plain language” exactly what student pilots must know and demonstrate during the oral portion of the FAA Practical Exam, eliminating any surprise about examiner expectations. Incorporating the specific task elements from the PTS into their studies, this concise information fills the gap between ground school textbook learning and practical application of it, resulting in better-prepared applicants.

Even the most dedicated private pilot applicant can become overwhelmed with the volumes of knowledge that must be mastered. This book will help you prioritize it all, consolidating thousands of pages of guidance materials into points and checklists you can remember and quickly reference. The PTS is included in an appendix, and space is provided for you to take notes. This book is the ultimate study guide for the checkride and the perfect companion to the Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide.

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ISBN 9781619541986

AuthorGregg Brightwell
EditionFirst Edition, 2014
Page Count136 pages
IncludesPrivate Practical Test Standards (Airplane, Single-Engine) as an Appendix
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