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Built from ASA's best training tools, these student kits ensure you've met all the regulatory requirements for a successful training program. But because you can substitute listed items for any program's specific needs, they're flexible enough to create the perfect training solution for universities and flight schools. Each kit is available from ASA in a Plus Pack that includes the current Test Prep and FAR/AIM, which guarantees every student is completely prepared for both the FAA Knowledge Exam and the checkride.

Custom Kits For Schools

Want to develop the student training kit that's right for you? ASA kits can act as the perfect template for your school or program's specific training needs, with ASA's Personalized Aviation Custom Kits (PACKs) program. Swap out the fiberboard flight computer in The Complete Private Kit for a CX-2 or aluminum E6-B, or use your own syllabus, and you've made a PACK that meets your needs but still guarantees easy ordering, easy shipping and easy delivery. Call ASA at 800-272-2359 for details.

Helicopter Kit
Helicopter Kit
Student Pilot Kit
Student Pilot Kit