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Bill Kershner's books and legacy are legendary. He began flying in 1945 at the age of fifteen earning his private and commercial licenses, and ultimately became a flight instructor at nineteen. He is the author of The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual, The Instrument Flight Manual, The Advanced Pilot’s Flight Manual, The Flight Instructor’s Manual, and The Basic Aerobatic Manual.

"Since I first began taking flying lessons, I have used William Kershner's wonderful Flight Manuals—from his Student Pilot's Flight Manual to his Flight Instructor's Manual." I love the way Mr. Kershner makes fun and interesting reading of sometimes-dry subjects. His books are easy and fun to read and filled with all of the best information! I continue to recommend his books to anyone learning to fly, and have bought quite of few of them over the years to give to aspiring pilots. I cannot think of any other books on aviation that I would recommend more highly than William Kershner's Flight Manuals."
—Patty Wagstaff, 2004 Inductee, National Aviation Hall of Fame