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"A whole new world opened up to me a few years ago. I discovered the thrill of soaring the skies in a small plane. It was Freedom. 'Problems' on the ground stayed on the ground. Traveling became more fun, quicker, and an adventure. Helping restore an old airplane from the fuselage up, I learned to appreciate the miracle of flight even more. I began flying lessons, started ground school, attended airshows, and learned more about aviators, their art and passion... If I had 'discovered' flying earlier — or had been aware growing up in the '60s that becoming a pilot was an option for 'girls' — I might have gone into aviation as a career. I chose another direction."

The direction Katie Goode has gone in her writing career has taken her many places. She has worked in television, radio, public relations, theater, advertising, and newspapers around the country. She was honored with First Place, Best Feature Story of 1990 by the Nevada State Press Association and has won several awards for her screenplays, one of which was developed for production in Los Angeles. She has published an aviation humor book, and her poetry is being included in an anthology by a major publishing house. The mother of an adult son, she is currently living and writing in Idaho — where she hopes to buy a log cabin — and finally get her wings.

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