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AirClassics™ E6-B Flight Computer

  • E6-B Flight Computer
  • E6-B Flight Computer Pkg
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AirClassics™ E6-B Flight Computer

High quality aluminum E6-B manual flight planning computer. Vinyl case and instruction booklet included.

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The best slide-rule-style flight computer on the market, with solid aluminum construction and easy-to-read lettering. ASA's E6-B features a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correction chart, and on the other side the slide computes time, speed, distance, altitude, true airspeed, and density altitude problems as well as conversions. Nautical and statute scales are included. Vinyl case and instruction booklet included. made in Korea.

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Part Number ASAE6B

Dimensions9.75 x 5 inches
Weight0.60 lbs
E6B Flight Computer

How do I get the pencil marks off of the E6-B?

Where can I find some additional instructional material for using the E6B flight computer?

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Using the E6-B

Check out this short video on calculating time enroute.