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Dr. Dale DeRemer has had prestigious recognition as "Seaplane Pilot of the Year" by the Seaplane Pilots Association in 1998, was inducted into the EAA-NAFI Flight Instructor Hall of Fame in 1999, and named "Professor Emeritus of Aviation" by the University of North Dakota College of Aerospace Sciences in 2000 after 20 years of teaching aviation subjects at the university level. He has flown many types of airplanes, and is also an experienced mariner, well versed in the ways of the water, having lived aboard his 46’ sailboat for seven years while sailing it over 70,000 miles. The combination of flying and sailing naturally led to seaplane flying which became a special interest.

Dale has also been called "the recognized dean of seaplane pilots" by Vintage Airplane magazine, and "the father of the SEAWINGS national safety program for seaplane pilots" by Water Flying magazine.

Dale was raised in Southern California and received his Bachelor of Science degree from California State Polytechnic University. While completing his Master of Science and Ph.D. at Utah State University, flying became a part of everyday life. During his career, he has served as corporate pilot, agricultural pilot and chief pilot for his own and other companies. He has logged over 24,000 hours total time in general aviation aircraft of many types.

Dale holds ATP, CFI-A, CFI-H, CFI-I and MEI licenses with single- and multi-engine land and sea, rotorcraft-helicopter and instrument ratings. For 17 years, Dale taught advanced wilderness seaplane pilot courses to pilots from many states and several foreign countries, venturing far north into the Canadian boreal forest and arctic tundra waters. He has also been a central northwest Field Director for the Seaplane Pilots Association.

Dale has authored or edited the following books: Jay Grant DeRemer; a biography with a history of the DeRemer family (24hrBooks); Illustrated Dictionary of Aviation (McGraw-Hill): Chief Editor; Seaplane Pilot: Training for the Seaplane Pilot Certificate and Beyond (ASA); Seaplane Operations: basic and advanced techniques for floatplanes, amphibians and flying boats from around the world (ASA); Human Factors and Crew Resource Management for Flight Instructors: the new student involvement (out of print); Global Navigation for Pilots: International Flight Techniques and Procedures (ASA); Aircraft Systems for Pilots (Jeppesen); Water Flying Concepts: an advanced text on wilderness water flying (ASA).

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