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Checklist for Success (eBook EB)

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Checklist for Success (eBook EB)

Sixth Edition    by Cheryl Cage

A pilot's guide to the successful airline interview — career guidance from application through to the interview.

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Even with a wealth of technical experience, many pilots find the pilot selection process frustrating. In addition to technical expertise, today’s airline pilot must also demonstrate highly developed leadership, decision-making, and communication skills. Discussing one’s abilities in these introspective areas requires a different kind of preparation than most pilots have experienced.

This is where Checklist for Success comes in. Written by Cheryl Cage, whose name has become synonymous with exceptional career guidance, Checklist for Success takes you from application through to the interview. Cheryl not only offers a step-by-step interview perparation program but illustrates her points clearly by stepping aside often to reflect on her own experiences in counseling aspiring pilots, furloughed pilots, and career changers. The program Cheryl provides in Checklist for Success will not only make reaching your highest aviation career goals less frustating, but shorter!

Checklist for Success contains chapters dedicated to:

  • Getting the Interview
  • Nine Steps to a Successful Interview
  • Demystifying the Process
  • The Interviewer
  • The Applicant
  • Self-evaluation
  • Physical Presentation
  • Paperwork Presentation
  • Information Gathering
  • From the Professionals
  • Common Applicant Concerns
  • Before/During/After checklist
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • The Results

Excerpt from Foreword: “All the advice I could provide is contained in this book in a very well written format. Your careful reading and study of this material, although it cannot guarantee success, will certainly enhance your chances."

Copyright © 1994-2020 Cheryl Cage. All rights reserved.

ISBN 9781619543300

AuthorCheryl Cage
EditionSixth Edition
Page Count136 pages
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"All the advice I could provide is contained in this book. Your careful reading and study of this material will certainly enchance your chances..”
— W.H. Traub, Vice President–Flight Standards and Training (Ret. 1997), United Airlines

"This material could easily make the difference in the outcome of a pilot applicant’s interview. Every pilot applicant should read and follow the advice Cheryl Cage has offered. You can profit from the knowledge she has acquired and now shares in Checklist for Success."
— Captain John Rensch, Past Pilot Interviewer, B-777

Reader Resources

Below is a download link for an interactive audio-visual software program that allows aspiring airline pilots to both hear and see examples of typical airline interview scenarios. It is NOT a digital version of the book but rather computer based training companion to the book.Please read the system requirements, noted below,before attempting to download and run the program.

Learn by watching others respond to a typical pilot interview setting! This FREE interactive training program provides examples of common interviewing mistakes along with the correct presentation scenarios; guides you through self-evaluation; offers extensive explanation on handling problem areas; and provides examples of interview attire and paperwork presentation. Narrated by Cheryl Cage.

The following topics are covered with details on both the correct and incorrect procedures:

  • The applicant
  • Interview Environment
  • Interview Scenarios
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Additional Training

System Requirements for the Virtual Interview Download:

This is a Windows only program. It is not supported for use on Macintosh computers

Windows compatible processor, 800 MHz or faster (Windows 2000/XP), 1.0 GHz or faster (Vista/Windows 7). 256 MB System RAM (Win2000/XP), 512 MB (Vista), 1024 MB (Win 7).

800x600 minimum screen resolution. Mouse or other compatible pointing device. QuickTime must be installed on the computer to be able to play the audio and video in this program. Vista and Windows 7 systems require QuickTime v7 or later. QuickTime is available as a free download via the internet.

Download Now (Please be patient, this is a rather large file - 134 MB)

The contents of the zip file must be extracted after download. Typically, a right click on a zip file will display a Windows sub-menu. On that sub-menu will be an "Extract All.." option. Choosing this option will create a folder named "Checklist". Inside the extracted Checklist folder, find the file named CHKLIST.exe. Double clicking the CHKLIST.exe file will start the program.