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CX-2 Flight Computer Demo

Calculate, plan, balance, convert, and more...

This is a fully functional online version of our CX-2 Flight Computer. Use the cursor mouse to point and click any button.

This online CX-2 requires the latest version of Adobe Shockwave Player. If you have Adobe Shockkwave Player installed and are still unable to see and use the online CX-2 on this page, you may need to grant your browser permission to run the player.
If that doesn't work, you may need to update or install the most current version of
Adobe Shockwave Player

Try before you buy.

For instructions on using the CX-3, tips, and example
calculations, refer to the operating manual.
CX-2 Operating Manual

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CX-3 Pathfinder Flight Computer



TRY: Online CX-3!



READ: Instructions

READ: Firmware Release Notes

WATCH: Video Tutorial

DOWNLOAD: Firmware Version 1.3



READ: Quick Start Guide

READ: User's Guide (V1.3)

READ: User's Guide: German (V1.3)

READ: User's Guide: Spanish (V1.3)



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