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Captain Billy Walker retired in 2001, because of the Age 60 Rule, as the senior JetBlue Airways line captain. Until 2007, he was the senior test pilot, instructor, and check airman with JetBlue Airways. He administered ATP and A-320 type ratings as an FAA Aircrew Program Designee (APD). Walker is an avid fly fisherman and in his free time stays busy flying out of Airbase Arizona (CAF). For many years, Walker flew the North American AT-6/SNJ as well as an AC-47 Gunship based at Falcon Field, Mesa, Arizona.

Walker learned to fly as a youngster flying with his pioneer aviator father, the late W.D. “Pic” Walker, 1992 National Aeronautic Association Elder Statesman of Aviation. “Pic” was a founding member of the Civil Air Patrol. His company, Plains Airways, trained more than 10,000 pilots and mechanics during World War II. Walker’s mother, Frances Emily Walker, was the first woman to learn to fly in Wyoming during the 1930s. Walker flew for the historic Frontier Airlines for two decades and then became an instructor, check airman, and FAA examiner with America West Airlines (AWA). He was with AWA for 11 years until joining JetBlue Airways as part of the start-up team. He has written numerous technical publications and aviation articles.

During the Vietnam War, Walker was on a leave of absence from Frontier in 1971–1972. He was based out of Pochentong Airbase, Cambodia, with Air America (Tri9). Returning to the left seat at Frontier, he flew everything from DC-3s, DHC-6s, Convair 580s, Boeing 737s, and MD-80s. He was involved in several General Aviation companies, as well. Walker is Airline Transport Rated and is a commercial hot air balloonist. Additionally, Walker is a Certified Flight Instructor with CFI/II ASMEL, Ground Instructor, and certified repairman endorsements, along with having numerous type ratings on his certificate. He is in the aviation business for the love of the game. To learn more about Billy Walker, visit www.CaptainBillyWalker.com.

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