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VFR Flight Handbook

Third Edition by Anthony Repeta

A handy reference and refresher for pilots who fly VFR in fixed-wing, single-engine land aircraft.

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The third edition of the VFR Flight Handbook is a handy reference for pilots who fly VFR in fixed-wing, single-engine land aircraft. It has been updated to meet current regulations and an appendix pertaining to ultralight vehicles has been added. The author has gathered, condensed and organized material from FAA publications and other authoritative sources to create a comprehensive handbook, which includes notes on aircraft operation and the rules, regulations, procedures (normal and emergency) for flying VFR in all classes of airspace. It contains the following subjects and more:

  • FAA rules and regulations
  • Notes on aircraft operation
  • Avionics
  • Flight planning and weather
  • FAA VFR flight services
  • Airports
  • Airport arrivals and departures
  • Pilot/controller Glossary
  • Mountain and overwater flying
  • Potential flight hazards
  • Collision avoidance
  • In-flight emergencies
  • Accident statistics
  • Medical facts for pilots

The information in this handbook is that which is needed by VFR pilots to safely fly to anyplace that their flying skills, navigational skills, pilot’s license, aircraft and confidence will allow.

No material relative to aircraft certification, registration, alteration, maintenance, nor pilot training were included. These subjects are covered in the FAA’s FAR/AIM publication and are outside the scope of this handbook.

Anthony A. Repeta produced this book in its entirety and takes full responsibility for the content.

ISBN 9781631340123

AuthorAnthony A. Repeta
Page Count378 pages
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