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The links below will work for both Pilot and AMT Prepware Download Edition and Bundle owners. If you have not yet purchased Prepware Download Edition or a Test Prep Bundle, you will only be able to run Prepware in Private Pilot or AMT (General) DEMO mode. To purchase Prewpare Software or Download Edition click here. For Test Prep or Test Guide Bundles click here . This is not for Prepware Apps. Mobile users please check the store on your device to purchase or update Apps.

Different version years of Prepware will operate independently of each other. Prepware is 'year specific' and the version year must match the activation code. If you purchase 2016 Prepware, and you already have an older version year of Prepware from say 2014 or 2015, then you will need to download Prepware 2016 for Windows or Mac, and enter your new 2016 activation code.

However, if you have the current version year, for instance, Prepware for Private Pilot 2016 already installed, and you want to add Prepware for Instrument Rating 2016, you do not need to re-install the software. Simply open your current Prepware 2016, go to the Help menu at the top, and choose "Enter Activation Codes." For Macintosh computers, the "Enter Activation Codes" link will be in the Prepware menu.

If you need assistance, please contact support@asa2fly.com

If you DO NOT yet have Prepware installed, click on the appropriate link below and follow the instructions:

2016 Prepware

2016 Download for Windows

2016 Download for MAC

2015 Prepware

2015 Download for Windows

2015 Download for MAC

2014 Prepware

NOTE: Only Prepware 2014 Activation Codes will work with Prepware 2014.

2014 Download for Windows   - Click HERE for download instructions

2014 Download for MAC            - Click HERE for download instructions