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FAA Test Standards Updates


Below are the current editions (part numbers), effective dates, and updates for the Practical Test Standards (PTS) for both pilots and maintenance technicians. Effective Date shows the date the PTS became effective. The Update column shows the date of the most current update—click on the desired update to save the file.

If there is no date or "N/A", it indicates the FAA has not released any changes or updates to the edition number listed in the left column.

Current Updates

Book PTS Effective Date Update
Airline Transport Pilot and
Aircraft Dispatcher
Jan 2018 April 2018
Flight Instructor Airplane
(Multi-EngineLand & Sea)
June 2016 March 2018
8081-AMT-4 Aviation Mechanic July 2012 Sep 2015
8081-9D Flight Instructor Instrument
(Airplane & Helicopter)
July 2010 Apr 2014
8081-4E Instrument Pilot Jan 2010 Sept 2013
8081-15A Private Pilot Rotorcraft
Helicopter and Gyroplane
July 2005 May 2013
8081-29 & 8081-31 Sport Pilot Feb 2008 N/A
8081-16A & 8081-7B Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Helicopter Dec 2006 N/A
8081-22 Private, Commercial, and CFI Glider Oct 2006 N/A
8081-3A Recreational Pilot Aug 2006 N/A
8081-21 Flight Engineer Jan 1999 N/A

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