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(Designated Pilot Examiner)

Designated Pilot Examiner applicants are no longer required to take and pass an FAA Knowledge Exam. If you are interested in becoming a Designated Pilot Examiner or other designee, you should download and review Order 8900.2 Chg.1

This order provides policy and mandatory standardized procedures for those who administer all aviation mechanic, parachute rigger, or pilot oral and practical tests and issue temporary airman certificates.

Order 8900.2 Chg. 1 cancels FAA Order 8610.12, Technical Personnel Examiner Handbook, dated July 14, 2008; FAA Order 8710.3E (and FAA Order 8710.3E CHG 1), Designated Pilot and Flight Engineer Examiner’s Handbook, dated April 21, 2006; and FAA Order 8710.7, Sport Pilot Examiner’s Handbook, dated October 14, 2004.

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